Other Learning Experiences

Other Learning Experiences (OLE)

Aims & Objectives

OLE provides students with a broad and balanced curriculum with diverse learning experiences to foster whole-person development. Besides, OLE can enhance students’ sense of belonging to the school. It can also strengthen their leadership and communication skills, as well as the generic skills in addition to academics.

Structure and Framework

Our school has flexible planning of OLE in order to cater for the needs and interest of students. It is the quality of OLE that matters, rather than the quantity. Through the OLE activities, we facilitate students to deepen and consolidate their own learning through quality reflection so as to nurture students’ life-long learning capability and foster their whole-person development.

Our school has already strengthened our students’ languages, aesthetic development and physical development in the form of structured lessons. Our teachers have also implemented moral and civic education through the homeroom periods and assemblies However, thoughtful consideration has also been given to the modes of implementation for each type of OLE so as to tap the potentials of the students, further enrich their knowledge and skills, and guide them to develop positive values and attitudes.

during post-examination time, weekends or school holidays if required.

  • OLE lessons – We organize courses during school hours which cover six domains. Every student must select three domains in each school term and attend three OLE lessons per week. The six domains include:
    • Languages (English, Chinese, French, Spanish)
    • Science, Mathematics & STEM
    • Aesthetic Development
    • Physical Development
    • Library and Information Science
    • Others (Moral and Civic Education, Community Service & Leadership)
  • After School OLE – We organise school team trainings and provide paid courses after school and during weekends.
  • School Events – We would organize and coordinate large scale or whole school events during post examination time or school holidays.
  • Excursions – We would organize whole grade local camps for Grade Two and Grade Three students, and overseas excursions for Grade Four – Six students.

OLE Records and Awards

To track students’ records of OLE and recognize their achievements, we would record students’ OLE activities and achievements. Then reflect them in their school reports. Our school will also coordinate award presentation in order to motivate students to pursue higher achievable goal and increase their sense of ownership.