Our Vision and Mission

Based on Virtue,

In Pursuit of Excellence

AOG St. Hilary’s College (Primary Section) (AOG St. Hilary) aims at creating a learning environment that the students are able to cherish and enjoy learning and want to perform to the best of their abilities and talents. It has a comprehensive and cohesive system of education which develops students into persons who are confident, innovative, resourceful and brave in facing their responsibility in society and the challenges in future. The above mentioned motto can be further elaborated as follow:

  1. Create a healthy, lively and joyful learning environment which can enhance students’ whole person development;
  2. Tap the potentials of the students and offer positive recognitions for their achievements;
  3. Equip the students with self-learning and life-long learning skills;
  4. Develop moral and ethical values and compassionate in serving others.

The Mission

Cater to whole person development

Empower students to be morally mature, wise and informed, physically strong, collaborative and artistic

Promote life-long learning, critical and exploratory thinking

Identify one’s own responsibility and be brave to accept challenges in future

The mission is aligned with the aims of education recommended by the Education Commission: “To enable every person to attain all-round development in the domains of ethics, intellect, physique, social skills and aesthetics according to his/her own attributes so that he/she is capable of life-long learning, critical and exploratory thinking, innovating and adapting to change; filled with self-confidence and a team spirit; willing to put forward continuing effort for the prosperity, progress, freedom and democracy of their society, and contribute to the future well-being of the nation and the world at large.”

Similarly, AOG St. Hilary provides quality education based on whole person development, developing students’ literacy in languages and Science, providing a safe learning environment, empowering them to possess the skills necessary in tackling daily problems in logic and with compassion (i.e. morally mature, wise and informed, physically strong, collaborative and artistic). They will explore their potential in an environment where East meets West, giving them the best of both cultures. We believe in the dignity of each student who has his/her own potential, teachers who excel in pedagogy, stimulating young minds and encouraging them to extend their excellence. We also believe that education is important to nurture them to be intellectually competent with positive moral and ethical values and compassionate in serving others.

Core Visions of AOG St. Hilary

We envisage AOG St. Hilary to be a leading educational institution in China and the Asia-Pacific region, equipping graduates with a noble mind and global outlook; graduates who naturally blend Chinese core values, traditions and culture with well-balanced democratic ideals, to contribute proactively in the global and local communities as well as in their homes and families. AOG St Hilary will be a place serving as a model for effective teaching and learning in a natural, dynamic, educational environment where students’ potentials are stimulated and maximized. In the future, we can see our students as informed, responsible, adaptable and innovative talents, who develop a lifelong love of learning, and become moral and ethical members of society.

To achieve the aims of education for the 21st Century, AOG St. Hilary has been backed up by comprehensive planning, multi-faceted coordination and participation of the whole school community. It aims to realize the following vision:

  • To develop AOG St. Hilary into an institution that values lifelong learning, so that everyone enjoys learning, has the attitude and ability for lifelong learning, and has access to diverse channels and opportunities for learning.
  • To improve the overall quality of the students through upgrading their knowledge, ability and attitude.
  • To construct a diverse school system that embraces diversity in education ideologies, methodology of teaching and focus of curriculum, so that students have more choices and multi-faceted talents will be nurtured.
  • To build a learning environment that is inspiring and conducive to the creative and exploratory spirit.
  • To provide students with structured learning experiences in the areas of moral, emotional and ethical education.
  • To help students develop a global outlook so that they can learn, work and live in different cultural environments.